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What is Zero Waste Design™?

Roughly 15% of the total fabric used by the soft goods industry is wasted. To counteract these wasteful practices, Aplat’s zero waste design products are produced with little or no textile waste. How is this possible? The approach is two fold, pun intended. 

First, it’s all about the folding.

Folding starts with origami.

By applying origami paper folding principles to our organic cotton canvas we can create patterns that allow for volume while using up every square inch of a single sheet of fabric. We create pattern pieces that fit together like a puzzle so that no fabric is wasted during the cutting phase. It’s a beautiful marriage of form and function.

Second, we work closely with our sewers.

Zero waste is not only a life-style choice.

We care about the impact on the women who cut and sew our products which is why we produce in small batches. Everything is folded by hand and machine-sewn and stitched. Our zero waste design eliminates the need to attach hardware or elastics leaving our skilled sewers to do what they do best—sew. Happy workers means less errors which in turn means less waste.

Zero waste design is a conscious choice to design and manufacture responsibly.