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About Aplat


Our passion is to deliver a meaningful experience in the sharing of food, wine, and garden that is sustainable from-farm-to-factory-to-table.

Immersed in the spirit of generosity that permeates every stage in the product’s life, we support community, thoughtful design, and an evolution in industry practices that will have a positive influence world-wide.

Zero Waste Design™

Our zero waste design uses origami folding principles and is inspired by the golden rectangle. Resulting in highly engineered folds to create volume for infinite product creativity.

Our patented design approach allows us to eliminate all hardware (no zippers, no buttons, no clasps, no elastic) for superior quality and function to last generations.


We care about the impact on our factory sewers. When we are closer to the manufacturing process, we design differently.

We design with empathy. When we are close to manufacturing, we design differently–we design for people and the planet. Our products are sewn by talented women in San Francisco who care about the quality of each product.


We care about the impact on the environmentFor us zero waste starts at the design phase.

Each pattern is carefully engineered to reduce waste of materials in the manufacturing. Our approach is aligned with Cradle to Cradle and B-Certified businesses that make quality products.


Farm to Factory / Quality and Sustainability

• Environmentally friendly sustainable fibers

• Surplus denim from local cut-sew factories

• Support local resources, labor and manufacturing

• High-quality single needle sewing

• Reinforced industrial stitches

• 100% use per yard of fabric for zero waste

• Reusable and washable

• No hardware, plastic, elastic or wasteful packaging