Founder's Story

Aplat founder Shujan Bertrand in the studio.

Inspired by the French “Art de Vivre,” I’m inspired by the intersection of my family life here in San Francisco and our life in France. I created the Aplat Design Collection in homage to our lifestyle which involves daily rituals of sharing homemade food and wine, with family and friends. Throughout my career as an industrial designer in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years, my focus has always been on designing for sustainability and wellness.

Aplat is a word play in French -
à plat = a dish
a plat = flat
aplat = solid color swatch
[àplat - word play, combining a dish with color swatch]

Aplat’s origins started with a cellophane wrapped bouquet of flowers from a neighborhood market. You could say that the bouquet literally hit me over the head with an idea!

Aplat founder studio.

At that moment in the store, I had the insight to create the first sustainable and reusable garden tote for gifting flowers. In 2014 it was called the Sac à Fleur, and now it’s called the Jardin Tote.

I started Aplat with zero waste as a core design principle, which I maintain to this day. Our designs embrace a more sustainable future, crafted to conserve and replenish limited resources by using them more wisely and efficiently. I want to influence the textile industry towards more environmentally responsible practices, paving the way to zero waste manufacturing through smarter design principles.

Perhaps one day, Aplat products will become an heirloom passed down to future generations.