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Founder's Story

Aplat founder Shujan Bertrand in the studio.


Inspired by the French “Art de Vivre,” I created the Aplat Design Collection in homage to my family lifestyle in France, which involves daily rituals of sharing homemade food and wine. Combining my career as a designer with my passion for the environment, I have created products that are simply beautiful, responsibly crafted, and sustainably made in San Francisco.

In 2014 the a-ha moment came while buying flowers for a friend. When the beautiful bundle of flowers returned covered with crackling cellophane wrapping, I instinctively envisioned a sustainable and elegant alternative for gifting flowers. The sac à fleur (Jardin Tote) was the first of the Aplat Design Collection.

From the beginning, we have been leading sustainability in the soft goods industry by creating new products that are functional, with a focus on zero-waste-design. This means that we intend to use every piece of fabric in the design process to reduce waste. To make this happen, I fully embrace manufacturing constraints and use origami design principles to design breakthrough, innovative products. Our Korean American and French family culture is the source of inspiration for bringing to market the Aplat Design Collection and, in our own lives, my husband and I and our two children embrace a zero-waste lifestyle.


"Creating something new yet timeless is my purpose. I strive for simple classic square shapes, but apply an origami volume approach to everything Aplat carries."

—Shujan Bertrand