Earth Month 1% For The Planet

Earth Month 1% For The Planet

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As founder of Aplat Inc. I am committed to working, producing, consuming and living for the planet. It’s a mindset and I’ve got to start somewhere. At Aplat we use zero waste design principles to create reusable 100% organic cotton totes, using zero waste manufacturing for zero waste living. Made locally in San Francisco.
Thank you @1percentftp for having me on your steering committee. Together we can get a jump start on working for the planet!  What are you doing this Earth Day/Month? Let’s turn this thing around. Join me and share your earth day tags with #360fortheplanet #earthday 
As proud member of 1% for the Planet, we donate 1% of our gross revenue to  organizations committed to organic farming, sustainable food systems, youth education, and zero-waste. In 2017-18 donated to Alice Water’s The Edible Schoolyard Project.

"I don’t want to tell children what to eat, I want to win them over. We need to live on the planet together, we need to be good stewards, we need to know how to nourish ourselves, and we need to know how to come to the table."

– Alice Waters


Learn more about our Partners for Good.

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