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Shujan's Notebook

The Culture of Giving

Every season I think, “This is the season of Aplat!” Every season I think, “This is the season of Aplat!”, but I do feel it the most at this holiday...

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Get Set

In all of the bustle around holiday gatherings, I love being assigned to setting the table. For get-togethers large and small, I envision the table long before the day, composing...

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The Bread-Keeper

In my house growing up, we ate a lot more rice than we did bread. Rice in Korean culture is a symbol of life and prosperity, and it’s certainly part...

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Reaching Out

We are all connected by our sense of place and, in the wake of its sudden absence, there is community, hand in hand, ready to provide relief in any way we can....

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Women Who Inspire Us

Chef Melissa King My experience building Aplat has been a collaborative effort from the start, thanks in large part to the countless women who inspire me. Many of my close...

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Wine Country Women

It’s Harvest Crush season in California’s wine country. The time of year when grapes are picked, stemmed and crushed to begin their transformation into wine. The Napa Valley is in...

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Every season is beautiful, and so are the transitions between them. Routines are resetting, circadian rhythms are shifting, and the colors and patterns on our plates are changing along with...

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We’re happy to spread the word about this incredible woman in food. Exciting news! This week, we’re celebrating the launch of Athena Calderone’s beautiful new cookbook, COOK BEAUTIFUL. Athena has...

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